5th International Joint Theory/Experiment Workshop on
Boosted Object Phenomenology,
Reconstruction & Searches

in High Energy Collision Experiments


Work in progress Under construction! 

A list of hotels including some ratings is available on this flagstaffarizona.org webpage. Note that it is high tourist season in the area at the time of BOOST2013, and prices even for moderate or budget accommodations can be high. And just as a reminder, we have only negotiated special room rates* with the workshop hotel (see registration page for details), and thus we cannot help with any room rate negotiations for any other lodging option. The workshop venue is in East Flagstaff, which may be of consideration in case of an alternative lodging option. Some of the rated hotels and motels relatively close to the workshop venue are listed on the right. Note that the rating for Hotel Little America is ♦♦♦, according to the flagstaffarizona.org webpage..
*The special rates at Little America are heavily discounted and include several room options.