5th International Joint Theory/Experiment Workshop on
Boosted Object Phenomenology,
Reconstruction & Searches

in High Energy Collision Experiments

BOOST2013 is the fifth of a series of successful joint theory/experiment workshops which bring together the world leading experts from theory and the Tevatron and LHC experiments to discuss the latest progress and develop new approaches on the reconstruction and use of boosted decay topologies as search tools for new physics. This year, the workshop is hosted by the Experimental Elementary Particle Physics Group at the Department of Physics at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The venue is the Hotel Little America in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, about 90 miles or 145 km southeast of the Grand Canyon and approximately 160 miles (or about 260 km) north of Phoenix, Arizona's capitol city.

Conference4meThe BOOST2013 agenda is now available on the Conference4me app for Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android - search for "Conference4me" in the iTunes App Store or in Google Play.

Scientific Committee

  • Jon Butterworth (UCL)
  • Tancredi Carli (CERN)
  • Steve Ellis (U. Washington)
  • Chris Hill (Ohio State U.)
  • Peter Loch (U. Arizona)
  • Tilman Plehn (U. Heidelberg)
  • Sal Rappoccio (SUNY Buffalo)
  • Andrea Rizzi (INFN/U. Pisa)
  • Albert de Roeck (CERN/U. Antwerpen)
  • Gavin Salam (CERN)
  • Matthew Schwartz (Harvard)
  • Ariel Schwartzman (SLAC)
  • Mike Seymour (U. Manchester)
  • Jesse Thaler (MIT)
  • Marcel Vos (IFIC Valencia)
  • Jay Wacker (SLAC)
  • Lian-Tao Wang (U. Chicago)

Local Organization

  • Elliott Cheu (U. Arizona)
  • Michael Eklund (U. Arizona)
  • Ken Johns (U. Arizona)
  • Vivian Knight (U. Arizona)
  • Walter Lampl (U. Arizona)
  • Peter Loch (U. Arizona, chair)
  • Connie Potter (CERN)
  • Chris Thomas (CERN)
  • Erich Varnes (U. Arizona)